Some of these poems have appeared in the following publications:

Kansas Quarterly, “In an Alien Craft,” “Coyote,” “Nevada,” “How It Could Happen,” “Wielder of Men,” “No U Turn,” “About September”

Boise Magazine, “What to Say,” “Down Pine Creek Road”

Stone Country, “Vanishing Point”

Coyote’s Journal, “How I Became a Coyote”

College English, “Her Amazement”

Idaho’s Poetry: A Centennial Anthology, “Maybe the Sky”

Concerning Poetry, “Making Time” “In Memory”

cold-drill, “Believing in Worms,” “A Perfect Circle”

Weber Studies, “Miners Fishing,” “Fire Season”

Crab Creek Review, “For Tomorrow,” “A Chinese Puzzle” “In the Burnt Hills,” “The Awakening”

Northwest Poets and Artists Calendar, “Life on Earth”

Crab Creek Review, “The Awakening”

Poetry, “Below the Dam,” "Song"

Weber Studies, “Lochsa Morning”

BSU Radio Inprint, “For This Life”

InLand, “Petroglyph,” “To the March Wind”

Redneck Review, “Miners Fishing”

The following poems appeared in the chapbook, What Counts, published by Limberlost Press: “Near Silent Creek,” “Down Pine Creek Road,” “Fishing for Me,” “Another Autumn,” “Uncle Ted,” “A Chinese Puzzle,” “Oedipus in the Desert,” “For Tomorrow,” “Archaeology of the Trout Creek Mountains,” “Lochsa Morning,” “In the Burnt Hills,” “What to Say,” “The Littlest Sin,” “Petroglyph,” “ Headlands,” “What Counts,” “A Perfect Circle”