Digesting Christmas

What with all the promotions and specials
it can't be avoided. A tree is cut. Decorated. Lit
with multicolored LEDs. Old friends turn up
in the mailbox and the inbox
with cards and attachments.

And through it all something primal,
a sense of time passing, events reoccurring,
now with new actors arriving,
others departing
or already gone. Yes,
every day now a few more minutes of daylight.
We've passed the solstice.

A time of putting the darkness behind,
of becoming, welcoming the sun's return.
A time for songs of joy and hope – and yes, even peace,
now, and in times to come.
A holy time of year.
An auspicious moment.

It's the Savior's birthday.
A family time. A glad time. And yes,
I'll admit to some enjoyment. Confess
to a few warm moments
that I can't pass off as nothing.

Was once or twice for a moment or two
even merry.  Lingering at the table after dinner,
sifting years and places and faces.

But now let's get that dead tree out of here.
That tinsel. Take down the lights. Pack the plastic
candy canes, and all the old ornaments, away.

I'm sick of it all – the Virgin, the baby, the shepherds. The manger.

It's all just too sweet and too filling.
Black Friday, cyber Monday,
the first day of Advent.

The waistline expanding. Bank balance contracting.
Yes. I understand. It's good for the economy.

Okay. But I've had it. Time to tally the gains and losses.
Take a long deep look toward the new year.
Time to pack in the leftovers. And blow out whatever remains.

Ahh, kersplat. That was great. Oh yes,
and kablooey. I feel much better now.

I'll be lean, mean, and green by October.

Hear it:




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